Swastik Group – Tracking and tapping the demography trends in Virar Vasai

The changing demography in any region is an indicator of the direction in which the region is headed. The table below clearly states that Vasai-Virar is the fifth largest city in Maharashtra. The population in the region was 1, 94,262 during 1971 as per the census. It has seen a decade by decade growth rate of 32%, 58%, 70% and 221% for the period of 1971-81, 1981-91, 1991-2001 and 2001-2011 respectively.

There are 240,082 residential properties and 36,277 commercial properties in four councils in the Vasai – Virar region. The incremental demand in the Vasai – Virar region would substantially increase from the current 276,359 units to 472,574 in 2021.

Swastik Group and many others like Agarwal developers, Rustomjee Group, Poonam developers are tapping on this growth and developing affordable and luxurious projects in Virar. Swastik Spaces Virar, Swastik Epitome feature in the list of the best projects in Virar as the group deploys modern technology and design to develop the same.

The ever increasing population certainly indicates that Virar is set to become the chosen destination in the near future. The reasons for this preference are many, right from good internal infrastructure to high employment opportunities and so on and so forth.

Vasai Virar comes under the governance of VVMC- Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation that has been accorded the status of the youngest and the fastest growing municipal corporations in metropolitan agglomerations.

Since its inception, the Corporation has implemented initiatives to manage its increasing population, and provide them with a clean city. With a state-of-the-art bio-tech plant and approval to set up STPs, the region is now developing at a great speed. Even sanitation and beautification plans are in place. The VVMC in managed by its 600 employees.

With its changing demographics more and more office goers are seeking flats in this global city poised for increased social and economic development.

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