The Swastik Group – Growing in Clean Vasai Virar – Green Vasai Virar

As per the 2011 census, Vasai-Virar is the fifth largest city in Maharashtra. It is located in Thane district, just 50km north of Mumbai. The Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation formed in 2010, one of the youngest municipal corporations is maintained by its 600 employees.

Apart from concentrated efforts in the area of infrastructure development and single window clearance for aspiring developers, a focal point on VVMC’s agenda is Cleanliness. The VVMC’s drive for beautification will add to the finesse of affordable and luxurious projects in Virar like Swastik spaces ltd, Swastik Epitome and Swastik spaces Virar. Latest design and techniques are being deployed at the new projects in Virar to lure the customers. This is in perfect tandem with the VVMC’s plan to build a new city in itself.


The garbage collection and transportation of the region’s 89 wards are outsourced to contractors. The work outsourced includes day to day garbage collection and cleaning up the roads.

Public places like bus stands, railway stations and market places have to be cleaned twice a day, and steps should be taken against garbage pile up. Also cleaning of drains and public toilets, sweeping of roads and markets are undertaken by the contractors. Contractors have to ensure that hydraulic vehicles are used to transport the waste generated in the region.

Bio-Tech Plant

Hanjer bio-tech plant was set up in 2009 at Gokhivare. With a capacity of 400 tonnes it is regarded as one of the best plants. The corporation itself segregates the waste at the plant and there is area available for expanding the plant.

Sewage Treatment Plants

The region is receiving a grant of `557 crore from the Central Government under the Underground Sewerage Scheme to build seven sewage treatment plants. Two plants are being planned at Chikaldongari and Bolinj.

Monsoon preparation

The preparations start three months before the monsoon. To fight the nuisance of pests and mosquitoes, spraying and dusting of pesticides and insecticides are done from monsoon to winter. Measures like cleaning of drains, pipes, and removing encroachments are taken adequately to combat the monsoon issues.

Parks and Lakes

To increase the appeal of the region, the parks and lakes under the Corporation are being beautified.

A cleanliness campaign was recently carried out in Nallasopara. Under the campaign, the drains were cleaned, the street lights were maintained and steps were taken for basic beautification of the region.

There are 83 lakes and 71 parks in the region. There is a separate department to look after the redevelopment and restoration of the same. As a part of the future plans even a bird sanctuary and hanging gardens is likely to come up in Virar.

The cleanliness of any region is an indicator of its development. Given the waste management and systematic beautification plans owning a 1/2/3 BHK in Virar is appealing not only economically but also aesthetically.

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