The Swastik Group – Poised for growth in Virar Vasai

The Vasai Virar Region

The Vasai Virar Region is situated in the North West corner of Mumbai. The region is identified as one of the eight satellite cities by the central government. A total amount of INR 39,490 Million (USD 56.3 Million) has been sanctioned under the Urban Infrastructure Development Scheme in Satellite Towns (UIDSST). Even The Ministry of Urban Development has taken Vasai – Virar under the Urban Infrastructure Development Scheme for Satellite Towns making it the only city from Maharashtra to be taken under this scheme.

The region includes the municipal councils of Virar, Vasai, Nallasopara and Navghar-Manikpur and 53 villages. The entire region is being developed under the purview of Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation (VVMC). Ever since its inception in 2012, VVMC has been very instrumental in rapid development of the Vasai – Virar city. VVMC is the fastest growing municipal corporations in metropolitan agglomerations.

Proximity to Mumbai

This sub region is strategically linked to Mumbai – The commercial capital of India. The major centres in Mumbai such as Navi Mumbai, Panvel, Thane, Bhiwandi & Kalyan are easily accessible from Virar via high end rail and road connectivity.

The close proximity to Mumbai gives access to its existing resource and infrastructure base. Increasing real estate prices in and around Mumbai have resulted in the shifting of low- and middle-income households to this region. The suburban railway terminal at Virar has given an impetus for improved connectivity with Mumbai.

Thus buying a 1 / 2 / 3 BHK in Virar makes complete sense for people who are eyeing a shift from Mumbai but do not want to compromise on the growth opportunities that the city has to offer. And those interested in investments are parking their funds in properties in Virar to be the early birds and tap in the growth the region is experiencing. There are quite a few new projects in Virar that are appealing for both the resident and investor community.

Internal Infrastructure Development

A pre requisite for the growth in any region is its internal infrastructure – the roads, flyovers, bridges and skywalks. Virar seems to be ahead even here: The Link Road offers connectivity from Bandra to Dahisar and is planned to be extended till Virar. The construction between Virar and Vasai is already in progress.

All internal roads are being converted into four-lane roads namely – Virar to Arnala, Nalasopara to Kalam and Vasai Highway to Vasai Fort. This would ensure smooth transport for the residents of the region thus making flats in Virar an attractive proposition.

VVMC has proposed to construct a road over bridge over Vasai Creek between Naigaon and Bhayandar (DPR in progress). Few other bridges proposed near Narangi, Ostwal Nagri, Virat Nagar, Alka Puri and Naigaon (survey in progress and proposal submitted to the Western Railway for an over bridge over the Naigaon Railway Station).

There are Ferry Services (DPR under progress) being planned on the Naigaon – Bhayandar route via Paanju on Vasai Creek and Marambalpada – Dativali route on Vaitarana Creek.

The skywalk at Virar is 589 meters long and 4 meters wide thus facilitating pedestrian mobility in high traffic areas. A good internal infra setup is a must for commercial and residential activity in any region and Vasai Virar provides the same to prospective developers.

The real estate boom in the Vasai-Virar Region

There are many upcoming infrastructure projects in the Vasai – Virar region which will transform it from being a satellite city to a metropolitan city in the coming years. Reputed developers in Virar like Poonam developers, Agarwal developers, Rustomjee Group, Viva group and the Viva Swastika combine have undertaken major projects in the region. Virar is now home to both affordable and luxurious housing projects, courtesy its growth prospects and ever growing periphery.

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